西城男孩宣告退出In a statement posted on their website, they said: We today announce our plan to go our separate ways after a greatest hits collection this Christmas and a farewell tour next year。西城男孩在其官网发表声明,今天我们宣告,在今年圣诞的精选集及明年的道别巡回演出后,我们将退出。The decision is entirely amicable and after spending all of our adult life together so far, we want to have a well-earned break and look at new venture亚博APP买球s。这个要求是经过我们友好关系协商的结果。

至今我们一起童年了我们的成年生活,我们想一个合乎情理的扭转局势的机会,然后开始新的冒险。We see the greatest hits collection and the farewell tour as the perfect way to celebrate our incredible career along with our fans. We are really looking forward to getting out on the tour and seeing our fans one last time.为和歌迷庆典我们难以置信的职业生涯,我们决定了精选集和道别巡回演出,这是最极致的方式。我们知道很期望积极开展巡回演出,最后一次看到我们的歌迷。

It continued: Over the years Westlife has become so much more to us than just a band. Westlife are a family。声明上说,这些年来,Westlife对于我们来说意味著很多。

Westlife某种程度只是一支人组,它是一个家。We would like to thank our fans who have been with us on this amazing journey and are part of our family too。

我们想感激一路反对我们的歌迷,你们也是我们这个家庭的一部分。We never imagined when we started out in 1998 that 14 years later we would still be recording, touring and having hits together. It has been a dream come true for all of us.1998年当我们出道时我们从未想要过14年后我们还在录音唱片、巡回演出以及享有热门的歌曲。


对于我们来说,美梦均已是真为。Westlife概述:Westlife(官方译名西城男孩;又译为西域男孩)是在1998年正式成立的爱尔兰男子歌唱团体。 Westlife在爱尔兰和英国窜红,在非洲、澳大利亚与亚洲也很热门。

1999年至2005年间,Westlife有13张单曲唱片在英国高据首位;其数量名列历史第四位,次于Elvis Presley、披头士和Cliff Richard。西城男孩也是英国流行音乐史上唯一一支头七支单曲伞兵榜首的乐队。他们也是唯一一个在英国拿过四次年度最佳专辑的人组。西城男孩在世界范围内卖出四千万张专辑,其中还包括七张超强白金专辑。


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